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Monday, February 15, 2010

Things are just getting started!

I feel like a million tons has been lifted off my shoulders…because the Fall 2010 Collection is complete!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, what a relief.  At the risk of sounding overly confident, I think it’s my best work as of yet. I love every piece, and from the reactions I am getting from buyers so far, I think you will too. 

Now that the collection is finished, I can take off my designer hat and put on my business hat.  Starting next week, I will be working with my team to create and implement a sales and marketing strategy.  Actually, after wearing my creative hat for quite some months, I am happy to switch gear.  It’s almost like taking on another challenge…and challenges are what I love most.  Show me what needs to be done and I will find a way to get it done.

This coming Saturday will be a big day for my team and I; our agenda is below. So much to do, but I’m happy to do all of it – I love my work! 

Saturday—Feb 20th  9am – 3pm   Lookbook photo shoot. The lookbook photo shoot is a very simple shoot that will allow us to catalog various looks for each dress, so that marketing materials can be created to send out to buyers and PR people. To make it happen on a small budget, I called up my friends to help out, including but not limited to a photographer, hair and make up artist, model, etc.

The lookbook also serves a 2nd purpose, in that it gets me thinking about the editorial shoot, which we will do late March or April. While the lookbook photos are simple and to the point, editorial photos are a whole different approach to marketing our brand.  It’s like telling the Aysha Saeed Fall 2010 Collection story through pictures.  However, if you were to ask me what is my direction for the editorial shoot for Fall 2010, honestly, I don’t know yet.  I need to live with this Collection for a while before I have a vision.  Believe me, when I know what I want, I will start driving my staff crazy with a million requests and push everyones limits to make it happen.  Like I told you, I love challenges – and they do too (that’s why I hired them!).

Saturday—Feb 20th   4pm – 7pm  Sales strategy meeting with my team.  I will give a Fall 2010 Collection overview, discuss our company sales target for the season, disseminate sales data collected thus far, and, most importantly, take in everyone’s feedback as to how we can achieve our goal.  A very important rule I have in my company is that I alone can’t and don’t do everything - we as a team get the job done.    

So, it will be one very long Saturday, but we will be able to reach two major milestones to kick of our Fall 2010 selling season.  I must say, this season will be the first season I will be implementing such an organized and strategic approach to sales and marketing.  I am very excited and looking forward to getting the ball rolling, and so is everyone else. 

Stay tuned for more….things are just getting started!


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