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Thursday, May 13, 2010

It’s a one big juggling act…

My cell phone starts lighting up as early as 8am and does not stop till at least 8pm at night----and, can you believe it, this describes a crisis-free day.  My daily activities constitute nothing more compelling than putting out small fires and drumming up new business.  Since designing is still on hold (till the end of May); I’m more focused on the business end of things.  And along with all this, I am trying to have fun; I need to spend time with friends.  Sad to say, my social life has been treated like a task which has to be carefully choreographed into my daily calendar. 

Managing a healthy and fruitful social life requires a unique skill-set and careful time management.  Here’s a major rule, not to be trumped….I will NOT accept any same day requests to meet up.  Well, all rules have an exception, if the request is from a good friend, I may break an engagement to fit him / her in.  And if inviter is someone I don’t know or barely know, well, forget it!  So don’t text me at 5pm to ask me out that very same evening.  ‘Your can’t be serious!’,  Asking me to anything, especially anything I’m ambivalent toward, is, if not downright insulting, certainly insulting.  What am I, just sitting around waiting for you to make my day?  I’m no back-up plan for anyone.  Mind you, a year ago I didn’t have these rules; hell, my calendar was empty.  Oh, how times change and we change with them.

One way to deal with this time crunch is to build an effortless wardrobe.  And speaking of effortless, let me describe my favorite spring after work drink dress.  I have it in all three colors: fuchsia, grass green and ivory.   I love it because it is colorful and can easily go from the office to a night out.  And I love my embroidered Gucci heels.  Talk about comfortable….I can walk full 10 Manhattan blocks in them, impressive by any standards J

Timing and execution has to be perfect to make a business successful.  Being with the right person at the right place is essential to have fun.  I am sure you will agree, trying to make all this happen has become a one big juggling act. 


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