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Friday, March 26, 2010

Give me a reason and I will come out to play

Last weekend I took time off to have fun and catch up with some people who are very important to me. My good friend from Italy, Barbara, came to town.  We had spent many enjoyable years together, back when I started my fashion career in seems like that was decades ago, but the time has just flown by.  Seeing her again after such a long time was a real treat, even if for only a weekend.  We packed the weekend with shopping, dining, and, best of all, reminiscing about our time in Milan, which bought back many fond memories.  She reminded me of escapades long forgotten but quickly revived, and for her to see how my business has grown from an idle dream into an actual brand was, as you might imagine, mutually rewarding. 

Our good times started on the right note.  Barbara arrived Friday morning, along with another girlfriend, Elena, at 10 AM sharp to my shop, what else?  I was really happy she liked my dresses…actually, she bought four in the space of half an hour – she insisted on paying for them, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Oh, did I tell you that Barbara works for Christian Dior in Italy? So her buying the Aysha Saeed label was a huge compliment for me. 

Once we got showroom shopping out of the way, the rest of the weekend was all about trying out new restaurants and “re-evaluating” our lives…a topic close friends, especially girlfriends, love doing (right girls?).  These chats are better then any phony-baloney therapy session, a real waste of time and least, that’s my personal opinion.  

After three days of shopping, chatting, eating, and walking, we ended with a Sunday lunch at Bergdorf’s.  And, as a special treat for the girls, I proudly brought along my 2½ year old nephew, Amer. What a delight he was! He behaved like an angle and entertained us all. To reward him for his model behavior I took him to FAO Swartz, and was not at all sure who had more fun, Amer or I. We traipsed from floor to floor, jumping around, and even played on the famous human piano!
What pleased me most about this weekend was that I didn’t do a click of work.  That doesn’t happen often, so I treasure such time well-spent. 

So much for those who tell me I’m a workaholic. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my work, but I love my family and friends even more. 

Give me a reason and I will come to play.  


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