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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

….on a mission to live life to the fullest and want to own a wardrobe that can keep up

Sorry readers, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a missive.  I am overwhelmed with the on-goings in my company – mostly good things to be sure, so I’m not complaining; we hope to have good news to share very soon.

Speaking of good things, last week I received a call from Joanne, a good friend and client of Aysha Saeed; she owns practically everything from our collection.  

Joanne called me in a frantic tone - most unusual for her; asking me to suggest a couple of outfits that she can take to her upcoming weekend trip to London.  ‘What’s on the itinerary?’ was my first question.  ‘Wimbledon’, she replied, ‘and drinks with an ex-boyfriend, a business dinner, and a casual lunch.’  ‘This is my kind of girl’, was my first thought, jam-packing it all in two-and-one-half days.  This is the kind of challenge I like.

What were my suggestions?

← Look 1: Eye Catching Chic: Miro skirt with a Jackson Pollock-inspired print with fuchsia racer back top with exposed metallic zipper to add some edge to this feminine look.  Perfect for viewing tennis matches at Wimbledon.  Fabric is pre-washed silk…very comfortable and airy, and a splash of fuchsia will standout in a crowd.  And with a quick accessory change, it’s also a perfect look to meet an ex-boyfriend for drinks.  Of course, one wears flats for a tennis match and then changes into super-sexy heels for a drink date.  The outfit is both sexy and colorful without trying too hard.  Heels make all the difference when phasing from day into an early evening look.  Remember, Joanne is meeting an ex boyfriend, so never look as though you’re trying to look good.  Keep it effortless.  

Look 2: Sophisticated Glamour:  
An Audrey dress is ideal  for a business dinner, yet sports a great sense of grace and style.   It’s a fabulous fabric to travel with since it does not wrinkle in a suitcase, and the fit is amazing - it shows off all the feminine curves but is conservative enough for a business dinner.  My only suggestion is to add colorful accessories, and of course, heels.

Look 3: Casual Lunch:  A fuchsia racer back looks terrific with skinny jeans, which every girl has.  And after lunch, Joanne can pick up her bags from the hotel and head directly to the airport without having to change. 

When I presented these looks to Joanne she was thrilled.  What surprised her the most was how by buying just three new things she could both update her current wardrobe and add great outfits for her London trip.  Was I surprised?  Let’s just say it’s for women like Joanne that Aysha Saeed exists and prospers.  I want to design for women who are on a mission to live life to the fullest and want to own a wardrobe that can keep up 


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Kaya said...

Your thoughts and way of thinking inspire me :)

Keep at it!