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Thursday, July 1, 2010

8 days in 8 pairs of shoes

The fourth of July is around the corner and I needed to make plans for the long weekend.  During past Fourths, I mostly stayed local, spending time with family and friends, usually at a barbecue, enjoying steaks and fireworks.  But this year I wanted to leave NY, so last week I made the decision to take an eight-day trip to Europe; nothing too adventurous or new, just visiting some of my favorite stomping grounds, London and Paris.  Some stomping grounds, right?  I have friends in both cities, and seeing them sounded like a great idea.  To get things moving I made calls and sent a few emails to make sure my eight days would be fun-packed.  And, yes, this will certainly be a much needed vacation.

Like the true fashion lover that I am, even before I got my flights sorted out, I started to plan my wardrobe for the trip.   Below are photos of SOME of the things I will be taking with me.   

Luggage: It’s very important that I do not take too many luggage pieces (airline restrictions), yet I want to make sure I have enough room to take everything I need on this trip.  Daytime and evening attires, shoes, accessories, bags – all this and still leave room in case I shop while over there.  In CASE??

Traveling Attire: I know you might be thinking what in the world is she talking about?  Well, one of the most important outfits to decide upon is precisely what to wear on the plane.  The outfit, of course, must be comfortable, first and foremost, and, secondly, it must have layers (so you can take off certain articles, depending whether you feel too hot or cold on the plane).  And the outfit MUST be stylish and figure-flattering; you never know who you might meet at the airport or on the plane.  I think you get my point. J

So upon taking all these requirements into consideration, I set out to design my ideal ‘traveling’ outfit.  First comes the traveling Jacket.  I wanted to work with denim, so I chose an amazing lightweight cloth (a blend of linen and cotton with 3% stretch) - Italian, of course, what else?  As some of you may know, I am not a big fan of denim, so the jacket had to be done just right, so I would love it.  After much trial and error, I chose to design this jacket with couture workmanship in mind.  If you look closely, you will see all the details, including stitched down pleating, top stitching, and check out eight back panels, all put together to ensure an amazing fit.  Once the jacket was completed, I slipped it on - and how could I not love it?  It fit like a proverbial glove and felt like….well….soft to the touch.  What’s amazing about this jacket is that it looks as good on as it looks just holding it in my hand.  In case you are wondering, I will be wearing a silk top under the jacket. 

And to compliment the jacket, I designed pants to go along with it…yes, pants!!!  Ladies, you will be very happy to know I am starting to add pants in my collection.  Sorry no photos to share right now --- the pants are under making as we speak.  But my seamstress promised they will be ready for my trip. Thank God !!!

Maria Dress.  I LOVE this dress; so much so that I’m taking all three colors with me.  The fabric is 100% Italian linen.  So easy to wear whether I’m walking through the Louvre, or sipping a bellini at a Paris sidewalk café.   One can belt it to show off the waistline, or wear it loose, à la tunic dress.  

Shoes, let’s not forget them.  Gosh, which ones to bring?  With shoes, the minimalist’s ‘less is more’ does not apply.  The ‘more the better’ approach is more like it.  See below for the pairs I intend to take with me.  I think I have covered all the basics, from walking shoes, to sexy dinner heels, to ‘I just might need them’ shoes.

That’s it for now.  Be sure to stay tuned to hear more details of the actual trip when I come back.

And keep in mind, if it wasn’t for London and Paris, we would not have 4th of July celebration.  An important coincidence I realized as I am planning my trip. 

So whether you plan to stay local or travel far, just be sure to celebrate our nation’s most important holiday in style…as I am with 8 days in 8 pairs of shoes. 


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