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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not even sure where one ends and the other begins…

I have just returned from my European holiday, and what a holiday it was!

Not sure where to start. First, you will be happy to know I did NOT over-pack, although, contrary to popular belief,. I wore every outfit I took with me; at times, I had to change two or even three times a day. Yes, my daily schedule was packed with social engagements and business meetings. Even though my London/Paris trip was a much needed holiday, I did end up conducting some business. What can I say? I couldn’t help myself. Of course, I knew that would happen.

One of my business meetings took place at the Clairidges Hotel. I wanted to partake in so-called British Culture, so I scheduled a high tea meeting----so English, don’t you think. My meeting lasted about an hour, and included four associates. The major topic: How to take my business to the next level. After the meeting my very good friend, Damla, and I enjoyed the ambiance and formality of British tea-drinking culture. You know the deal: pastel colored bone china, scones neatly pilled up, tiny tea sandwiches delicately placed on a serving platter. I’m not ashamed to tell you I loved it.

Going in, I knew my entire trip was luxury to the max. But I knew I hit a new level when, dining at Massimo (members only), a waiter brought out an ottoman for my handbag [yes, my Gucci got its own seat, and we both got a kick out of it] Don’t we all-too-often wonder where to put our bag when we sit for dinner? On an ottoman, of course! Where else? When I’m old and gray – assuming I live that long – I will remember that moment, and a smile will cross my face.

Well a lot more happened during this trip, but some things left best unsaid :)

Oh, you know that old trite adage, ‘Never mix business with pleasure’, well clearly this saying was not meant for me. Because in my world business and pleasure go hand in hand; one oils the wheels of progress, the other moves the wheels forward. Actually, I’m not even sure where one ends and the other begins.


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