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Monday, August 23, 2010

….trade in my Gucci heals for a shoe called sneakers?

With all my crazy travels I sometimes forget how much fun and beauty lay in our own backyard. When I say backyard I am referring to the two- to-three-hour drive (depending on traffic and the time of the week and time of the year) to ‘The Hamptons’, our city’s backyard.

So when a dear friend, Carolyn, invited me for the weekend to her house in the Hamptons, I was happy to go.

Said I to my self, ‘This sure beats hopping across the Atlantic’, which I usually end up doing when I want to get away. And best part of the deal was I didn’t even have to drive. Linda, also a weekend guest, was kind enough to offer me a ride. How could a girl say ‘no’ to all this.

Our girls’ weekend could not have been more perfect, great weather, a short walk to the beach, fun company and plenty of wine, champagne and cheese. And most importantly I left my problems at the office…for a change.

There was one of course, ‘stress full’ aspect to the weekend….working out. I have reached that point in life when I must work out; however, the very thought of it can ruin my perfectly good day –weekend. I’m told that once you fit it into your workout routine, you’ll actually get to enjoy it. Yeah right! In case you’re wondering, I haven’t gained weight or lost height; but I do need to ‘tone up’, as they say. You see in my line of work, I need to fit into a size-two dress; after all, I am my brand’s fit model (the person who tries on dresses to ensure a perfect fit when styles go into production).

So Linda and I set off for a long hike/walk. I must say I did well --- I did not faint, quit or complain the entire time. And to further challenge myself, on Sunday morning I almost went to a Yoga class with Carolyn. For me the operative work is almost, because, in the past, the thought going to Yoga class would have never entered my mind. Unfortunately, I overslept, and Carolyn went without me. She told me she ran into (no, not literally) Zen lovers such as Donna Karan and Russell Simmons. So, from that I concluded that Yoga is good for the mind, body, social scene, and, yes, business.

On the drive home, I also concluded that life right now is somewhat crazy, and can be improved by ‘working out.’ So I’m on a mission to tone up, build stamina, and calm my mind and soul. All this is very important to bring balance to ones life. Otherwise all this crazy can get to you.

Ok, so does that mean I am ready to trade in my Gucci heals for a shoe called sneakers?


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