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Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Out of the Office and Be Seen!

Hey Everyone,

Another one of my New Years Resolutions was to get my social life back on track.  One very common trap many entrepreneurs fall into is that they let their business run their social life…that is, if they had one to begin with.  I am no different.  For me large part of 2009 was all work and little play; it started off very rocky - not only did I have to deal with the economic turmoil, I had also just fired my director of sales (she was lousy) and had to hire new sales team.  Plus, I had to revamp the company strategy to incorporate all these changes, so without realizing it, my work become so all-consuming that I found myself with little time to play.  As much I love being in my office with my staff, or draping in the studio, after a while it all can be so isolating.  Just last month I came to the realization that I live and work in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and yet I am not fully enjoying it.  So, I have forced myself to set new goals for 2010. 

One of these goals is to leave my studio at least 2 nights a week at decent hour… meaning by 6:30. I will use this time away from the office to catch up with my friends.  Well, last week I put this into effect.  I must say, at first I felt a bit apprehensive and guilty to think I could leave work at 6:30.  I foolishly felt I was abandoning my commitment to my business.  I met a few friends for drinks at one my favorite local hangouts, The Monkey Bar at Elysee Hotel in midtown.  I like the Monkey Bar because it is relatively close to my office and caters to “grown-ups”…as I like to phrase it, haha.  The staff is always courteous and the newly renovated décor is fabulous - the wall murals of monkeys monkeying around will remind you of the old days of New York glamour.  

My feelings of guilt went away very quickly, as I realized these outings can be an extension of my work.  I was wearing my own designs (as I always do when I go out), which was perfect for a night like this.  It was a fitted dress with black and nude lace print…a hint of flirtyness, yet sophisticated, paired with Gucci 5 ½” heals and classic black  Chanel bag.  You need not worry: a 1” portion of the heel was platform.  I must have gotten half a dozen compliments from women and well as men, and the usual exchange of business cards took place once they realized the designs were mine.  So, in summary, I got out of my office, caught up with friends and, in a subtle way, promoted my brand – all while having a great time! 

So, my advice to all hopeful entrepreneurs ….get out of the office and be seen.  You know what they say: more deals are made on the golf course than in boardrooms.  So with this in mind, I am making my going-out nights a regular thing.  Like anything that is important, I will plan these nights in advance and pencil them in my calendar so there will be no excuses.   

Stay tuned for future outing escapades…. 


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